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Category Archive: Co-op News


  1. 2015 Bedford Fair Winners


    At the 2015 Bedford County Fair, a lot of winners have something in common—they’ve raised their prize animals on Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op feeds.

    The list of winners we’ve fed this year include:

    • Grand Champion Steer
    • Grand Champion Light Weight Steer
    • Grand Champion Goat
    • Grand Champion Lamb

    In addition to these top tier winners, all but one of the class winning steers raised their animal on Bedford Farm Bureau feeds. We’re proud of all of everyone that works so hard to show during fair season and are happy to have been able to provide assistance and expertise to them along the way.

  2. Your Co-op During Fair Season

    Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op is looking forward to the 2015 season of fairs and special events! Good luck to everyone showing at these events. We’ll see you there!

  3. New High-Boy Applicator

    high-boy_applicatorYour co-op is premiering another new piece of equipment this year to better serve you — a high-boy applicator to offer spreading or top dressing on row crops, especially corn and soybeans.

    Look for this unit running in your area this spring!

  4. 2016 Bedford Farm Bureau Calendar

    We are now accepting submissions for the 2016 Bedford Farm Bureau Calendar! Have a show-winner or successful crop you’d like to share? Submit your favorite local farm or agriculture-related photos by emailing them to Deadline is June 30!

    Selected photographs will be included in the final calendar.

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