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Forage Inoculants

logo_micronBioSystemsGreat silage doesn’t happen over night. Many factors effect the outcome of your silage: moisture, chop length, packing, bacteria, storage structure integrity, and many more. Micron Bio-Systems developed forage inoculants to help maximize the potential of your forage and promote proper fermentation.

We carry the following Micron Products:

Micro Sile

This product contains three select strains of lactic acid producing bacteria and stimulants. This inoculant helps drive the fermentation process by dropping the pH sooner and reducing spoilage organisms.

Early Sile Plus

This product contains all the benefits of the Micro Sile inoculant plus the addition of an acetic acid producing bacteria. This additional bacteria adds extra protection against spoilage at the storage unit face and in the feed bunk.

Early Sile Advance

This product combines the advantages of the Early Sile Plus with a unique blend of enzymes specifically designed to improve digestibility and increase nutrient values. This product is crop specific, we carry the legume and corn/cereals products.

Early Bale Plus

This is a hay preservative and contains no bacteria. This liquid propionic acid product is used to prevent mold growth, related heating, discoloration, and loss of feed value in hay.

Profresh Plus

This is a preservative and contains no bacteria This dry, granular propionic acid product is used to control top and shoulder spoilage in silage structures. A standard 30 X 100 bunker would require 250lbs of product for adequate treatment.

For more information, give us a call and check out the Micron Bio-Systems website:

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