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Grain Storage


All corn must pass mill quality standards to be accepted. Quality standards for corn are as follows: grain test weight must be 53 pounds or higher, black light test must be clear, grain should be clean and odor free, and grain needs to pass visual inspection. In addition any corn brought in with a moisture level over 15.5% will require drying. There is a charge for drying.

If you are unsure of the quality of your grain, bring a representative sample to the mill for testing.

Our mills are located at the Bedford and Curryville Locations. The two mills have a combined capacity to store:

  • over 400,000 bu of corn
  • UNLIMITED bu of soybeans
  • 20,500 bu of barley
  • 23,000 bu of oats

Our mill technicians are all experienced individuals who work hard to supply high quality feeds and grains for our customers.

There is a $.04 per bushel storage fee each month for the storage of oats, barley, corn, and soybeans. This charge is calculated on ending inventory on the last day of each month for each grain banked with the Co-op. The storage fee will be handled by the Co-op deducting the appropriate amount of pounds from each grain at fair market value for each grain to offset the storage charge.. If stored grain is sold outside of the Co-op there is a $.10 per bushel load-out charge.

Contact us for more information.

Normal receiving and drying charges still apply. All receiving standards and requirements apply. Farm Bureau Co-op reserves the right to reject all loads not meeting our requirements and to limit the amount received from any customer for storage. BFB does carry insurance on your grains and guarantees you access to them. All grains are co-mingled at our stores during storage.

grainStorage02At the Curryville location we are able to receive approximately 1,750 bushels of corn per hour. Our grain dryer and grain cleaning systems will operate 24-7 during peak corn harvesting time. With this capacity and 24-7 operation, unloading is fast and your wait times are reduced.

At the Bedford location we are able to receive approximately 975 bushel of corn per hour. Please call ahead to either location for estimated wait times.

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