With Fall upon us and forages changing from green nutrient dense grass to a brown, less digestible feed stuff it is important to remember the nutrients your second-trimester cows needs.  The nutrition your second-trimester cow receives now will set the course for her winter feed needs, as well as, the future performance of her developing fetus.
To learn more about the nutrition needs of your second-trimester cow and her developing fetus click here.

Why should you buy Channel Seed???

Channel Seeds not only offers a strong product lineup for our grain producers, but Channel can also provide top milk production per acre with Channel silage products. A local test conducted in 2016 by F.I.R.S.T. trails at Gerald Smith’s farm in Martinsburg, PA shown that Channel had the number 2 and 3 milk/acre hybrids in trail.  The 107 and 110 day hybrids have shown solid performance in the field and in the milk tank for the last several years.  Visit with one of our sales team members for more information.  Channel programs and discounts are currently in place until November 22nd!!  Click on the link to look at the independent test results that are local to our area!!!2016-first-trials-martinsburgpa-silage


A lot of area corn crops have been compromised by drought stress and are expected to yield little or no grain.  However, your corn crop may still be salvageable as a silage crop.

With proper management, drought stressed corn can make good animal feed, but there are several precautions to be aware of before harvesting including: proper moisture content for optimal fermentation, potentially toxic levels of nitrates that can accumulate in plant tissues, harvest intervals of pesticides and herbicides recently applied to the field, and consequences of stalk removal on soil fertility and soil moisture retention.  Additionally, be sure to check with your crop insurance agent before harvesting for forage or silage or you may forfeit indemnities.


Click Here to read more about utilizing drought-stressed corn for Silage.


Join us on June 23 for the Twilight Grain Marketing Dinner Meeting

Your co-op is proud to sponsor the Twilight Grain Marketing Dinner Meeting, set for 4:30-9:00 pm on Tuesday, June 23! This informative meeting will enhance your understanding of key grain marketing concepts. We’ll meet at the Fabin Bros. Farms, 231 Bethel Church Road in Indiana, PA. See the event on Facebook, here! The evening will include:

  • A tour of the Fabin Bros. Farms, including their soybean processing operation.
  • Ed Usset, featured speaker: Ed is a grain marketing specialist at the University of Minnesota, and is a sought-after presenter across most grain-growing regions.
  • Richard “Dick” Cole, featured speaker: Dick is Director of Grain Origination for PA & NY, Perdue Agribusiness. His career has been spent working with ag commodity producers, brokers and end users.

This meeting is brought to you by AgChoice Farm Credit; Penn State Extension; Pennsylvania Grain Processing, LLC; K&S Millwrights; West Central Equipment; and Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op and Channel Seeds.

The event is free, and dinner is included — but please RSVP by June 15 by contacting AgChoice at 800-733-3183, or by email.

Click here for a downloadable flyer.