crystalyx01Crystalyx is a brand of very low moisture supplement blocks. These blocks are water, wind, and waste proof. Cyrstalyx blocks are developed for a wide range of feeding situations. There is a specific block to meet your livestock needs. These blocks are manufactured for beef, dairy, goats, horses, and sheep. Crystalyx blocks come in a variety of package options. Here at Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op, we carry the 250 pound steel half barrel, 125 pound steel quarter barrel, and the 60 pound plastic quarter barrel.

Crystalyx makes many different formulations of supplement blocks, we floor stock the following:



Close-up Dry Cow

Dry Cow

Transition Stress

BGF 30

HE 20%

IGR PRO .005

Sweet 14

Iono-Lyx B300




These are only available in 200# plastic barrels, 125# quarter plastic barrels and 60# quarter plastic barrels. Selection and sizes vary by location.

For more information about Crystalyx, give us a call or you can visit the Crystalyx website: