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Show feeds are a great way to take your show animals to the next level. We offer a variety of Bedford Farm Bureau Brand and Commercial Brand show feeds for goats, sheep, steers, and swine. Knowing your animals genetic potential and nature will allow our show feed experts to help you select the right feeds to meet your animals specific needs. We carry Show-Rite, ShowTec, and SUNGLO brand show feeds in addition to our BFB brand.

BFB Brand Show Feeds Available

  • Meat Goat with Rumensin and Ammonium Chloride
  • Show Lamb (17% protein)
  • Show Steer (% protein made to order)
  • Show Pig (18% protein, 2% fat, 4% fiber)
  • Show Pig 10-1 (19.8% protein, 6.9% fat, 3.7% fiber)
  • Show Pig 10-2 (18.2% protein, 6.9% fat, 3.5% fiber)
  • Show Pig 10-3 (17.2% protein, 7.0% fat, 3.5% fiber)
  • Show Pig 10-3P (17.2% protein, 7.0% fat, 3.5% fiber, 4 grams Paylean)


Check out the following sites for more information on various show feeds and additives, contact the co-op for additional information and availability:

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