You DO NOT have to be a member to shop at any Farm Bureau Co-op location, but membership options do exist for those who qualify. 

To be a member of Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op Association, you must be a producer of agricultural products, purchase a $10 common stock certificate, and agree to be an active patron of the Association. As a member you are entitled to one vote for board of director elections and one vote on any motion presented at the annual meeting. As a member, you are eligible to run for a board of director seat. Membership also qualifies you for patronage payment as approved by the Board of Directors. Patronage is based off of your annual dollars purchased from the Co-op.

Bedford Farm Bureau offers a limited number of Preferred Stock to its members. These stock shares are valued at $10.00 each with a limit of 5000 shares per member. Current interest rate on preferred stock is 3.0% APR. Any interest earned is paid annually after September 30th.

Download Membership Enrollment Form

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